A look back at the 21 days

The 21 days lock down in India ended yesterday and right now we are on the 2nd run of the lock down which has been extended up to May 3rd. As this period brings about a lot of restlessness and boredom, here are the things that I did during this time and to be honest,... Continue Reading →

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Mango Pickle

In the hustle-bustle of our city,It's hard to look around for simplicity.And in this little chaotic world,My dear old friend and my sweetest nannyLongs for me to return home.She sits by the windowpane at noonHoping I arrive home too soonJust in time for my lunch-time tickle,With a spoonful of her precious mango pickle.If hands could... Continue Reading →

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It's time for some self love..

Many states have declared a self-quarantine and social distancing for weeks if not a month due to COVID-19. It’s at this point that ours and our families' health and well-being is of prime importance. But it’s time for some self-care and do the little things that we always have wanted to but never had the... Continue Reading →


I know we are half way into January, but 3 days ago I was seeing a few Planners to buy for myself and realized how expensive the pretty looking ones were. Honestly, I do not write a lot in the journals or planners so I realised they wouldn't be much of a use for me.... Continue Reading →

Drown in your dreams

Can you hear me there? I'm 5 feet inside the water. My hands are up in the air, and let me hold on to yours. What if I dragged you down? Will you come to far deep end Or let me go and let me rest. What if I chase you ? Swim or cause... Continue Reading →

The Getaways : Bhadra Jungle Lodges

Here is the Getaways: 2 which is one of my favourite, River Tern Lodges , Bhadra , Karnataka. Karnataka is well known by the travellers for it's Jungle Resorts situated in various Forest reserves across the country and this blog is about my experience there . Travelling : it is about a 6 to 8... Continue Reading →

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