It's time to tell you something , I've been thinking But I don't think I'll ever be able to phrase it into sentences or paragraphs. I'll feel like Augustus Waters you know. Oh , that was a good love story. Ours won't be like that, because there isn't no love bleeding from you soul. It's... Continue Reading →


A word to the Universe

I spent another night, thinking of all the ways of self destruction. Thinking of ways of delusion For humans, they leave and some while leaving give a notice and leave you scarred. I took a pause on myself. Thought the world around me will be falling apart, little by little. Every other beautiful, loved soul... Continue Reading →

The bottle DIY

I recently tried a DIY from bottle. It's super easy to make and can be used as a clever storage unit or to add to the look of your room . I used Keventers bottle the DIY All you need is : ● Paints ( I used acrylic ) and paintbrushs ● You could design... Continue Reading →

The Getaways : Wayanad

Kerala, God's own country , is a state which I have visited the most. Filled with lush greenery it's one of the most beautiful places in the country . We recently visited this place over the weekend and I loved the entire journey! Let me take you through this journey : Day 1 : We... Continue Reading →

Location : Bhutan Shot on : Canon Powershot Edited on : VSCO ( HB2 Exposure : + 0.8 Contrast : -0.2 Tint : 6+ )

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