Drown in your dreams

Can you hear me there? I'm 5 feet inside the water. My hands are up in the air, and let me hold on to yours. What if I dragged you down? Will you come to far deep end Or let me go and let me rest. What if I chase you ? Swim or cause... Continue Reading →


The Getaways : Bhadra Jungle Lodges

Here is the Getaways: 2 which is one of my favourite, River Tern Lodges , Bhadra , Karnataka. Karnataka is well known by the travellers for it's Jungle Resorts situated in various Forest reserves across the country and this blog is about my experience there . Travelling : it is about a 6 to 8... Continue Reading →


NOTE : I'm not sure what form of writing this is. It is pretty long. I hope you read it till the end 🙂 SATISFIED You look around in a crowded roomThere is everyone, you know.All of yours and all of you are present.Take a moment and listen to my silence.I’m here, living and breathing... Continue Reading →

#WordlessWednesday : 5

What's a world without humans? 📷 Shot on : Canon EOS 1300D Edited on : VSCO ( presets ) WordPress has a theme called #wordlessWednesday and I thought it would be great to try that on my blog. Taking on small themes on a Wednesday. I hope you guys like it. Also, comment below on... Continue Reading →


It's time to tell you something ,I've been thinking- But I don't think I'll ever be able to phrase it . I feel like Augustus Waters you know. John Green's good old love story. Ours won't be like that, because there is no love bleeding from your soul. It's just me, who is all over... Continue Reading →

A word to the Universe

I spent another night, thinking of all the ways of self destruction. Thinking of ways of delusion For humans, they leave and some while leaving give a notice and leave you scarred. I took a pause on myself. Thought the world around me will be falling apart, little by little. Every other beautiful, loved soul... Continue Reading →

The bottle DIY

I recently tried a DIY from bottle. It's super easy to make and can be used as a clever storage unit or to add to the look of your room . I used Keventers bottle the DIY All you need is : ● Paints ( I used acrylic ) and paintbrushs ● You could design... Continue Reading →

The Getaways : Wayanad

Kerala, God's own country , is a state which I have visited the most. Filled with lush greenery it's one of the most beautiful places in the country . We recently visited this place over the weekend and I loved the entire journey! Let me take you through this journey : Day 1 : We... Continue Reading →

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