Bhutan : The land of thunder dragon.

NOTE : this is something I’m doing for the first time. A travel blog. I thought for something to get the title itself so I don’t know how good this blog is going to be. I hope you read it till the end. Thank you :))

Bhutan, a country known for the Gross National Happiness is a place where happiness matters the most. And kindness is a duty. I went to Bhutan during 2017s summer break and I must say it is one of those travel diaries which taught me something.

It was a 7 day trip with the first stop at Kolkata. A flight from Bangalore to Kolkata and from there to Bhutan ( Druk Airlines, the royal airlines of Bhutan )

We stopped for a night in Kolkata. The next 6 days , we stayed in Bhutan. Here are a few insights of the places we visited.

Day 1 :

The flight to Paro is the most beautiful ride ever. We flew over the Himalayas and we landed in an airport which is between the mountains. It is scary to be honest, but it is a wonderful sight. We were welcomed by our tour guides and our first stop was Thimpu. It is perhaps the only capital without a traffic light. To end the day we just went around the main Street and the market area of the city. We were welcomed by our tour guides in the nicest way:)

Day 2 :

After breakfast, we went to the Buddha point which is a short drive from Thimpu. It is the largest statue of Buddha in the country and the view of Thimpu valley from that point is beautiful.

We later visited ‘ King’s Memorial Chorten’ which serves as a monument of peace and a memorial to the Late king.

Day 3 :

We drove to Punakha across Dochu La . Dochu la is a scenic location with prayer flags and is the highest point on road.

Afternoon, we visited Punakha Dzong ( Palace of Great Happiness ) which is the religious and administrative centre of Bhutan. It was the most beautiful sight ever.

After visiting the Dzong we had to walk across the longest suspension bridge of Bhutan which was scary as well as a new experience. You get over your fear. That’s when you grow.

Day 4 :

We went for a beautiful hike which takes us to the regal ‘Khamsum Yuelley Namgel Chorten’ which promotes peace , stability and harmony in the world.

On our way back, a woman who was working on the farm gave us cucumbers for free. When we asked her to take it , she forced us and to pay and had the brightest smile on her face. Our tour guide helped a cow which was suffering due to pain and was close to the edge. It actually taught me that kindness in any little form always has a place and it’s NEVER too late to help. :”)

We missed the river rafting cause I’m not a sport and it was late :))

Day 5 :

Back to Paro, descending down from Dochu La and we visited Simtokha Dzong and Rinpung Dzong. Dochu La is a beautiful place which was cold and foggy when we visited. After reaching Paro, we walked around the streets and market area. We decided to call the day off early and rested in our hotel rooms.

Day 6 :

We went to Chelele Pass which is considered one of the most motorable passes of Bhutan. The pass provides views sacred mountains of Jomolhari and Jichu drake.

We missed the hike to the most famous Bhutan monastery, Taktshang Monastery ( Tigers Nest )

Day 7 :

Ok, this was the closing day *sobs* and we left Bhutan and came back to Kolkata and then Bangalore. This journey was one of the memorable ones. It gave me so much to hold on and I learnt so much.

I would anyday go back to this place and cover all the undone experiences and meet the people there, once again :”)

If you have read it till here. Thank you. If not, thankyou for scrolling down. This is the first time I have written a travel blog and I really want to know how to improve. Let me know what you left. Also like the blog so that I know. 😉



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  1. WOW! You have been to Bhutan? We could have known little well before and I could have some good time with your team here. So much loved this posts and the rest!
    -Tendzin; Paro Bhutan currently

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