A love for belief 🌹

Everytime I walk through the streets

I try to read minds which play tricks through your eyes.

Do they see what I see or is it just the blinds?

For the good odds, let me assume they hear, they see and they think the same.

Wouldn’t they feed the shame and feel the same?

Won’t it hurt to look around at people who know nothing about what destiny do they belong to?

Holding hands and walking through the streets as love binds them too.

But it’s not the love of attachment , the pains , the share of heart that I’m talking about.

It’s about the belief. The hope that keeps them stray.

Look around and you will see all minds just thinking the future and past.

But how long can we last?

Does anyone hear the footsteps of the grave master ? Or is it just another illusion?

You never know what every second beholds .

But as I read and pretend to follow the graphic and illustrated quotes ,

They say there is a ray of hope. They say don’t dwell in past or get lost in future, but work for present.

But what does it mean? Why do people hustle everyday without knowing the future?

Don’t think that I own a time machine, no I’m not that dope. Does that make you chuckle?

Yes it makes me giggle that we are humans covered with skin, all explored and exploited

With faces , rubbed enough and loved enough.

With eyes that can see only the present and not the future.

But I will follow you too.

You don’t have to see what I see cause that may confuse your eyes too.

I’ll believe in all the graffiti and continue to go through the streets with minds like you.


Finally a write up after a long time! I hope you like it. xoxo


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