A word to the Universe

I spent another night, thinking of all the ways of self destruction.

Thinking of ways of delusion

For humans, they leave and some while leaving give a notice and leave you scarred.

I took a pause on myself.

Thought the world around me will be falling apart, little by little.

Every other beautiful, loved soul told me not to worry and wondered why I cared cause I hadn’t known the pain for long.

On this another night, I took another walk under the sky.

It was the night when I realised it had been some time since I had seen the stars, shine bright.

Human conversations blinded me up and my eyes had refused to look up.

Now that I was liberating I looked up and decided to have a word with the universe.

Call me insane but I’m unsure if we all are the same.

You have diaries, flesh covered bodies to talk to. Let me choose the universe.

” It’s been a while since I spoke up. So hear me out loud.

I attach to people too much

Leaving with all that ‘ ouch ‘

Consuming myself with all that pain

All that hopes all this isn’t vain.

I tried , I tried to pull in back.

Doesn’t seem you have my back.

Please take away that soul apart from me at once or let the human stay.

Don’t do the catapult effect for it hurts all the way.

For all we had was good.

The memories cannot be sold.

Thinking back on it, hope we could work on it.

But cause people say you know what’s good

I hope you know I don’t want to brood.

If it’s that one wish you can’t help in.

Just let sink it all in.

A last prayer for people and their minds,

Don’t blind anyone with lies

Let the world emminate some more love

I hope you continue to shine the stars above ”

As I was done and took a step or two.

Looking down and trying to hide the tears, maybe they slipped in too.

I looked up and saw the stars shine.

Never seen it so bright.

A sign that the universe hears to you .

Talk more often to it and wait for your turn with

Just some faith and learn to hold on too.

After a long time. Seen the WordPress family grow. Thankyou 🔆 I hope you have the greatest time ahead and belief. In yourself and others. Also, I’ll try to be more regular 🌚


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