It’s time to tell you something ,
I’ve been thinking

But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to phrase it into sentences or paragraphs.

I feel like Augustus Waters you know.

Oh , that was a good love story.

Ours won’t be like that, because there isn’t no love bleeding from you soul. It’s just me, who is all over you from months which seems more like days.

But I know, I’m a hopeless romantic to tell you anything.

Every time I see you, I try to put up a anger , an attitude as you would call.

It’s tough though, your smile makes me giggle and my legs go weak.

Your jawline is sharp enough to cut through my ego too.

It’s not just your face, your glasses or your body that can be bruised or changed according to the seasons that I’m in love with, it’s just all of you.

It’s you, the way you argue with a fine tone even when I’m yelling at you even though you are right all the time .

It’s you, when I want to recall a good old memory of hometown and tell someone.

It’s you, when I’m all alone and think of a good joke.

It’s you, when I’m sitting all tensed up and I little look at you, sly, lightens me up.

It’s you I talk about to everyone these days.

It’s you, the first person I think of when it’s a good early sunrise or a beautiful sunset .

It’s you, the first person I think of to go out for an entire day, on bicycles through the roads of the city that connect us.

But, it wasn’t you last summer.

It wasn’t you last year , this time.

I don’t know if it was anyone else too. All I remember and need now is you.

But I don’t know if I’ll ever tell it to you , or keep this as a letter for you.

I want you to stay and know, that I will believe in a forever for you if you don’t.

Even though things aren’t the same, I hope my words have found their way and these sentences flow through your heart.

I know I’m a little naive cause ,

You know I’m a hopeless romantic. 🏵️


I hope it made sense. It’s been a long time since I blogged. So hi. I felt the vibe so I wrote this. I hope you liked it. xo


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