#WordlessWednesday : 4

Shot on : Canon EOS 1300D Edited on : VSCO ( presets )


Travel Essentials Bag 🗺️

I hope I'm not the only one who feels necessary to carry another bag than the one with clothes. A small bagpack with all the essentials that we require on the go. Here are my essentials when we go for a weekend getaway or for a 5 day holiday 🔆 • I keep a small... Continue Reading →

Creating a picture wall!

From the time I joined Pinterest , I always wanted to get a picture wall which looks so good. It adds to the look of your room and is a perfect background for the pictures. I tried doing this, from 9th standard and now I finally did a proper one and I'm well satisfied. So... Continue Reading →

Location : Bhutan Shot on : Canon Powershot Edited on : VSCO ( HB2 Exposure : + 0.8 Contrast : -0.2 Tint : 6+ )

A love for belief 🌹

Everytime I walk through the streets I try to read minds which play tricks through your eyes. Do they see what I see or is it just the blinds? For the good odds, let me assume they hear, they see and they think the same. Wouldn't they feed the shame and feel the same? Won't... Continue Reading →


WordPress has a theme called #wordlessWednesday and I thought it would be great to start that on my blog. Taking a little picture or small themes every Wednesday. I hope you guys like it. Also, comment below on how to improvise my blog and any other blog writing that I should try! Here is the... Continue Reading →


WARNING : IT MIGHT HAVE TOO MUCH TO READ :/ AND ALSO THE TITLE. Please don't cringe more. You might just go " Dude you are just 16 years old. can you chill? " or even say " Be practical. Things don't work this way " Heard it , been there. Just put all your... Continue Reading →


Last summer I had done a ' 10 days of DIY ' which was Pinterest inspired. 3 of them in that were were space utilisation and I actually came up with them. I used some of the boxes and items from home to make them. So here are the 3 storage DIYs which help me... Continue Reading →

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